On this page, you can find my drawings and works of art.

This enterprise came into being due to specific events in my life. Together with my family we try to walk on paths we believe would be worthwhile doing and living. We believe in the almighty power of creation, that is, “as above, so below”. This means that we try to live our lives as creators, doing our job the best we can. We believe in the power of spirit of nature, and in balance, without which our lives would never be united. And finally, we believe in our values ​​born with us, in our traditions that hold ancient knowledge and experiences, and that teach us, when we are open to those teachings.

Those who are on this trip, may experience Oneness. We strive to do the same…


About me

I was born in 1974 in Targu Mures, Transylvania (Romania).

I graduated as a teacher of drawing and visual arts and cultural manager in 2000 at the Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, Hungary.

I had exhibitions in the Gallery of Közelítés Egyesület and in the Cultural Centre (the former Synagogue) in Pécs, in Zalaegerszeg and at the Norgaards Højskolen in Bjerringbro, Denmark. More recently, I had individual exhibitions in Budapest, Hosszúhetény, Komló, Dunaszekcső, and some of my creations also appeared as part of common events with other artists in Kozármisleny and in Budajenő.

As my wife and I had our fourth child in 2011, we spent a few years of our life practicing family life until 2012. Then, as a result of an internal decision maturing in me for years, I have created my first drawing on a wooden board. This journey has only just begun, because I need many years for a process whose current results can be seen here.


My creed

With my boards and my pictures I want to speak about old feelings, thoughts and stories – which I believe are eternal, however – to the world of today.

I discovered that I hired myself out as a minstrel secretly. I always found ancient values very important and interesting. I love reading and thinking about past times, I am interested in the story, which is about life – beyond the boundaries of past, present and future.

I realized that I have become a teacher because I have something to teach, even if not necessarily under usual circumstances.

I also figured out that art is not necessarily equals to a desire of success and career, or a pleasure for its own sake, or perhaps even a spectacular self-destruction, but in reality it is a priestly activity. It is a teaching arising from a spiritual origin. It is a sacred ritual activity and a ceremony.

I realized that it is all the same whether someone calls it God or the universe, there is a single order and purpose to life. When I am thinking or talking about it, or when I am making my art, then I’m doing spiritual teachings. I am making a ceremony.

You do not have talk about big things; the point is not in the big words.

But I can let the Force pass thorough me as I believe that any medium or teacher should let it flow through them, because it lifts you, makes you more complete and sustains all living things.

For me, this is the intent, purpose and essence of creating worthy works of art. This is what I strive for...



As part of artistic activities, I draw on paper and wood. Since I believe the heritage and the values of both the Hungarian and the ancient cultures are important, I use the motifs in my creations which I want to preserve and pass on for the future, such as shapes and forms in nature and ancient mythology, Hungarian folk motifs, mythical elements and the Hungarian runic writing (the so-called “rovás”).

Another part of my work is to draw ancient shapes and symbols from mythology and folklore on paper and on larger wooden slabs. These pictures have dual significance, firstly aesthetic, and secondly they reach us through our personal energy vibrations.

If you like my work, please help me if you can by distributing them together with your company's products (if you are a distributor), or simply recommend them to a friend, or you can even buy one for yourself, your family or your friends.



My work so far has been expanded with a new chapter, i.e., I am now making Kaalifa furniture as well. My creations are built into chests, table tops or even in small cupboards. Joiner-work is made by a specialist. These are not run-of-the-mill products but personalized creations that can be ordered according to your ideas...



As a new aspect of my creations, I am offering my KAALIFA T-shirts.

It would be a new way to spread my works of art.

They can be ordered based on the pictures on my website, by giving the line and location numbers. Sizes between S and XL can be chosen – women's and men's cut versions.

The images will be printed on white or colored T-shirts of quality brands, like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and Sol's.